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JIApply simplifies the Job Application process by removing the need for paper applications and ranking the most qualified candidates.

With JIApply, you no longer need to sort through stacks of resumes looking for the right candidate.

JIApply does the work for you saving you time, money, and heart ache.



Digital Application

JIApply transforms paper applications into online and mobile ready applications and generates a unique URL Link, QR Code, and “Now Hiring” sign.

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Skills Matching Qualifier

Using a skills matching assessment, JIApply will be able to provide you with the most qualified candidate that has applied for your open position.

Digital Dashboard

Digital Dashboard

Simple to use Digital Dashboards makes it easy to create new job positions and track and filter through qualified candidates.


Compliance Tracking

JIApply is EEOC compliant and stores a record of every candidate and completed applications and provides history reports that can be generated to demonstrate compliance.